Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well, I Enjoy Pictures.

I've decided to post most of the photos I've taken (and edited) that tend to make me want to take more. Because I like pictures..and sometimes I take pretty cool/strange ones.

This is a sunset. Pretty self-explanatory. I wish I had more to
say about it, like..where I was when taking it or something.
But unfortunately, I don't remember.
This is my roommate Alysha. As you can see from this picture,
she's super pretty. In addition to being super pretty, she's
also super awesome, funny, and one of my bestest friends.
There's Alysha again. We live together. And I tend to take
pictures of things or people that are near me. So, Alysha falls
into this category.
The two pictures above this one, and the four
below it were all taken on the same day. We
were bored and I suggested we should take
artsy pictures. So we did that.
Haha, for this picture I didn't even look at what I was doing.
Sunset silhouette. 
We found this old barn. 
Alysha sitting on some bleachers.
Sometime in January I went out on my family's boat and we
saw this boat on fire! It was scary, but I believe the people
made it out just fine. Minus their boat being burnt..
This is my wonderful boyfriend Jackson. I love him quite
a lot. As you can see, he plays the guitar. He's also really
awesome at it.
This is my boyfriend's hand. Plus colorful
This is the bathroom that was in the hotel room that my
boyfriend and I stayed in when he was competing in King of
the Blues competition in Hollywood, CA. The whole bathroom
was ORANGE which is really exciting for me because that's my
favorite color.
This was a cool looking sign at the King of the Blues
competition that Jackson was in. 
This is a pretty ferris wheel at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I
went there last Summer.
The boogie board and the sunglasses are not mine. But they
made a good picture. This picture was taken at Sunset Beach.

That's my little brother Adam and my dog
Mandy. We took her on a walk when I visited
home for Spring Break last year.
A bus stop outside of the dorms at my college.
Lighthouse along Highway 1. How pretty is that??
Can you see the lady bug?
This is actually one of my favorite pictures
I've taken. It's so pretty. I took it along
Highway 1.
Flower along Highway 1.
A field of flowers along Highway 1.
A few of my friends and I went camping at Sunset Beach
last year. This was our camp fire.
Sunset at Sunset Beach!
My roommate Alysha and the ocean.
These are my friends Dixie and Adam. We found a
BEAUTIFUL field in Redlands, CA and stopped to take some
CSU, Stanislaus
Super edited leaves.
CSU, Stanislaus.
This is a tree. I took it while camping up in the mountains
with some friends about 3ish Summers ago.
This sign was in a small city we stopped at on the way to
camping in the mountains.

Hope you enjoyed the

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