Monday, March 15, 2010

Slices of Orange

So, the way that I like the color orange is sort of strange. I don't like wearing a lot of orange clothes, I don't really have a lot of orange things.
However, my whole room was painted orange when I was living at home. So that probably makes up for not wearing it much, or not having tons of things that are orange.

But anyway, my mom has a really nice camera that my dad got her for Christmas. I'm always so jealous of it. So, whenever I visit home I try to take a few pictures with it.
So, this past weekend my boyfriend and I went to my house to visit for the weekend. On our last morning there, my mom made us breakfast which included a plate of sliced oranges. I thought they looked really pretty, so I took a few pictures...

This is probably my favorite out of the pictures. It's a fun angle.
As if we're people that are shorter than oranges...?

I think I like this one because you're able to see the cool
design oranges make when cut. And look at the super-cool

I like this one because the background is blurry and the
oranges are in focus. It looks neat to me.


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  1. I'm jealous of her camera now too! Those pics are great. It seems you have an eye for random cool things. Maybe you should try to capture more of the randomness around you. I would love to see some random shots of the school especially.