Monday, July 19, 2010

Smoothie Creation.

My roommate left her Magic Bullet with me for the summer and I finally got the opportunity to use it today!
I made a pineapple banana, vanilla yogurt, orange juice smoothie.

Here's a picture of the ingredients [minus the ice]:
I used half of a banana for this smoothie, but I'd recommend less.

And here's the smoothie:

Notice the little pineapple on the edge of the cup :)

I apologize for the poor picture camera broke recently, and my back-up camera won't turn on. So, these pictures are from my camera phone.

This smoothie was pretty great, but definitely has room for improvement. I'll keep working on it. 
You should try it today!


  1. Looks yummy :))
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    Can't wait to hear from you, lovely!

  2. Thank you for the comment and follow! Means a lot to me!
    Check out my new atricle - the challenge :))