Sunday, May 9, 2010

Park Photos.

My roommate and I were looking for things to distract us from all of the papers and things we have to do since the end of the year is coming up. So first, we went out to dinner together, then I suggested we should go to the park to go on the swings.  When we got there, there were kids taking up the swings and that was upsetting. However, it gave us a chance to take some pictures. Here's some of them:

This one was an accident. Alysha was supposed to be a part of this.

It looks like it's nighttime, but it totally was daytime.

Aww, we're just darling.

haha, this picture is strange.

This is what my face looks like when stupid boys kick the chicken-ducks. Also, look at the pretty lighting!

"Get off of my face!"

Different angles can be fun.

Alysha's a trooper. I made her stand there for literally a million hours to get this shoot.

I really like this one.

I fell down.

I really didn't want to fall down. Again.

Shoes that are missing feet.

The next few photos will look similar to this one..only not completely.

She's purdy :)


Alysha looks like she's afraid of the children behind her.



Hope you enjoyed the photos! We had fun taking them :)

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