Friday, May 28, 2010

King of the Blues

Starting in about September, my boyfriend was in a National competition called King of the Blues. He made it very far in this competition, almost to the finals! It was a super exciting. We all had the opportunity to travel down to Hollywood for him to compete and it was so fun.

Here's all of us at the District Finals in San Jose which he won :)

District finals.

At the..Regional (? whatever comes before finals) finals in Hollywood

Since he didn't make it all the way, he decided to compete again this time. He had the first store preliminary competition last night and he made it again!

At the Store Preliminaries last night.

The pressure is on this time because it would be so great for him to make it as far [or farther than] as last time.
I get so nervous at these competitions, but I'm so excited to go through it again!

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  1. exciting!
    one door closes another would open as they say!
    Cheers to his talent~