Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Bike-ride.

This summer has been busy. I've been working lots, and taking two classes in Summer school which I'm enjoying very much. I'm also in a play for the first time in a long time!
However, on weekends, things tend to slow down a great deal. So, today after a large amount of being lazy, I decided to go ride my bike and take some pictures along the way. I also ended up riding by a strawberry stand near my school and bought some fresh strawberries. My roommate and I have been wanting to go there for a few years, and when I rode by it today, I just couldn't resist the smell of the strawberries.
Here's some of the pictures:

Right when I stopped my bike these ducks came towards me.
I think they thought I had food. Which I did, but it wasn't for them.

Look at how big these sunflowers are!! I love them!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!!!

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